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Zippers Debunked: Coil vs Vislon Tooth

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What are all these different types of zippers good for?!

We are debunking the mysteries of zippers and it all starts with the two basic types of zippers you might see in outdoor gear: coil vs vislon tooth zippers.

Think of the Coil zipper and the Vislon Tooth zipper like two different families of the same species. When you look at the two zippers side by side it is easy to spot the difference. The blue coil zipper (on the left) is sewn to the zipper tape whereas the green vislon tooth zipper (on the right) is molded onto the zipper tape.

Coil Vs Vislon Tooth

Each zipper comes with their pros and cons, and this can help you see why different zippers might be used in different types of outdoor gear you use.

The Coil Zipper:


-Flexible and can pack down tightly.


-More fragile and prone to damage on the coil.

Coil zippers are great for tents, sleeping bags and backpacks. Being are more flexible and this bendy than vislon zippers, the coil zipper comes in handy when you pack up your tents or sleeping bags. Coil zippers are also good for curved zippers in garments (like pit zips).

The Vislon Tooth Zipper


-Durable, it is difficult to break the teeth off the zipper tape

-Ease of use when zipping a fully separated zipper (like a jacket)


-Lack of flexibility in teeth so it doesn’t pack down as tightly

Vislon Tooth zippers are best used in outer shells and jackets. Since the zippers on the front of jackets tend to get lots of wear these zippers hold up better in the long run here. The ease of use makes it better for zipping with gloved hands.

So there you have it, the differences between the coild and vislon tooth zippers. Now that you can distinguish between the two, you can take a look at your outdoor gear and find out what has a coil zipper and what has a vislon tooth zipper! Here at BMR we use YKK zippers, proven for their durability. If you ever encounter any issues with your zipper and are in need of some repair help we are here for you, just get in touch with us.