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We are not currently accepting repairs as we are in the process of moving the shop.


Please reach out to us via email with photos of your repairs after the first of the year so we can discuss your project. 

Visit the BMR Garage Sale

The BMR Garage Sale is a place to trade-in and purchase used gear. We accept donations of used outdoor apparel and gear, even products that need repiar, in exchange for BMR Bucks. You can shop used and repaired gear through our Garage Sale page. For more information about how to trade in gear, click here.

All proceeds from the Garage Sale benefit our non-profit partners at Save Sarajevo.


Happy shopping!

Garage Sale

Find this Arc’teryx Pack and

other products in our Garage Sale!

Learn repair tips and tricks on our blog

Tips, tricks and more featured on the BMR blog. Learn more about the world of outdoor gear repair.


Wash your gear!

Don’t forget to wash your outdoor gear. BMR offers industrial eco-laundry services for outdoor apparel and gear.

Laundry Services