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Cleaning your gear will help it function to its fullest potential! Many  “waterproof breathable  fabrics” such as Gore-Tex and eVent, will not function as designed when oils and dirt build up on your garment or sleeping bag.  We regularly clean all the garments and sleeping bags used by guides and their clients from major expeditions around the globe.  Garments and especially sleeping bags can be ruined if washed or dried improperly.  We regularly wash and dry sleeping bags and they “magically” gain back noticeable loft.  It’s not magic.  We simply use the best technical laundering products, Nikwax™ down and tech washes. These products can even clean and re-invigorate your gear which was washed with generic detergents.

Allow us to restore the loft/insulating properties of your down, making it light and fluffy once again, using state-of-the-art, 40 lb. front-loading commercial washers and dryers. We can safely clean and dry even the largest down bags and comforters.

Laundry Price Guesstimates


Sleeping Bag...........$35

Garments (jackets, pants ect) ...........$25

Down Comforter...........$30-40